La natura non fa dei salti e tu la rispetti !!!

Franco Fontana

I'm a new fan of Andrea Barghi's work and was instantly drawn to his photography because of his incredible eye and soulful vision of the world around him. His landscapes, seascapes, and nature scenes are breathtaking and go way beyond the ordinary. Each picture creates a special mood and evokes a calmness I find incredibly soothing to the mind as well as the eye. I think the world around us gets a little bit smaller when an artist like Andrea Barghi is able to provide us with his poetic visions of life, love and beauty from all corners of the globe. My favorite "vision" of Andrea's features a peaceful robin on a snow-covered fence post. To me this image symbolizes everything Andrea stands for....hope for a better tomorrow, beauty in all living things, and the reality of new and peaceful beginnings for everyone.

Jessica Bumsted
Creative Service di Paul McCartney
Mpl communications, New York

The man Barghi cultivates those dreamed of forests with the life that populates them and he cultivates them with love. This is why his work involves us so deeply. His images become the realities of our dreams; memories of childhood; starry skies in ecstasy of love. In this way, Andrea transmits his own personal feelings, a gift of pure generosity like the lively waterways which give of their water, of which we are so desirous to placate that thirst which knocks deep in our heart. In mutual friendship we sing to the beauty of emotions as the new poet Andrea offers us timeless poems – essential in these days so lacking in poetic creation.
His work is a tremor which shakes the hearts of those who often forget the meaning of Life: Love!

Silvestro Pistolesi
Painter, Florence

To read what you see, to know also what you can’t see.
The text is so much more convincing because mediated by the images of Andrea Barghi the photographer who understands nature’s ‘light’ (frequently indecipherable to experts of the lens) so often diffused with glimpses of the soul without which, beyond the visible, material object, you cannot progress.

Ruggero Leonardi
Journalist and writer, Milan
In photographing a tree or a flower, Andrea Barghi communicates with these miracles of Nature, through the language of light, a flash of the soul, rendering truly unique emotions – an authentic poet of Nature.

Gianfranco Angeloni
President Legambiente Regione Umbria, Perugia

His photographs are the imprint of souls on the road; the material shape of dreams and emotions of those who travel in pursuit of themselves and of a deep contact with very varied cultures. If you observe well, you will notice travellers intent upon fussing over the lens of their cameras in the frantic attempt to fix sensations which move the mind and spirit of those who want to see.
Andrea Barghi is a traveller-Craftsman who, through his photos gives shape to the vital breath of his and our soul.

Federico Paolini
Historian, Poppi, Arezzo
This is the international year of mountains. Our mountains, those Appenines which here are called Alps, are really what Andrea Barghi, through his images, relates with great naturalness and strength. Barghi’s photography is not only poetry, it is also music. It is absolute beauty.

Lorenzo Spignoli
President Comunità Montana Appenino Cesenate, S. Piero in Bagno, Forlì-Cesena

When I looked at his magnificent pictures, it seemed to me that I was there, present, where he had taken the photos. Some images taken in the forest were as in the film ‘The Lord of the Rings’. I can understand why Andrea has, in time, changed his job and begun to take photographs. He enables other people to see the same fine things and details and he helps us to perceive the depth of feeling that he experiences in his contact with Nature.

Rauno Taskinen
Goldigger, Kuopio, Finland

The photographs of Andrea Barghi reveal something of deep, that helps to disclose the most intimate and secret image of the human soul.

Quinto Cappelli
Journalist, Portico S.Benedetto, Forlì-Cesena

I made the acquaintance of Andrea Barghi on the occasion of the production of the video CDRom ‘Casentino – Lights and Silences’ and I have had the good fortune to elaborate on and animate some of his most beautiful photos. Creating a video CDRom is, sometimes, like shooting a film. You need a subject, a scenario, some actors, the right shots and a director. The particular feature of this work was that every single photogram contained, in an instant, a whole story. Every image caught by Andrea was a little scenario taken from a poetic film. Animals, forests and light itself were actors, unaware of their role in that tiny studio which is the shutter of the camera. Actors who, thanks to the sensibility of Andrea, allow the most mysterious secrets of their environment to show themselves so magnificently to the eyes of those who really love Nature.

Stefano Lucherini
Art Director of the Agency Zona Zero, Florence

There is no question about the art of Andrea: his ability to capture the colours and moods of a landscape, to observe and interpret in detail, to indicate the expressions of a face or a body. He is an artist who doesn’t limit himself to appearances but who looks for that hidden and true quality, that reality, without the fear of showing weaknesses and contradictions which are the essence and beauty of all things and of all men. Personally, I am particularly happy to have had the opportunity of knowing the man as well as the artist. A person who reveals himself to be in perfect syntony with what emerges from his images. A man marvellously in love with life and with people, always active and eternally a child.

Mauro Frattegiani
Forestry Doctor, Perugia

Thinking about Andrea I remind me an autumn laden with colours of La Lama, the drops of mist curdled on the long beard, the enthusiasm in telling about a meeting with the Lord of the Forest. When I think about Andrea I see a route of life chosen with obstinacy, at the cost of sacrifices, friendships and cold, the magic of my Forests contained in a sheet of paper.

Vito Mazzarone
Functionary of the faunistic sector of the Province of Florence

‘Their greatness is their simplicity’ asserts my father when, with his voice broken by emotion, he speaks about the Beatles. I think this is the affinity I perceive between the mythical Fab Four and himself, between their music and his photos. The same simplicity which I find in my father’s approach to anything new; to that need to renew and in his optimism which he transmits to everyone. Besides being my father, he is also a great friend, an accessory to adventures in which it is difficult to discern who is the son but, luckily, I think it is impossible for him to hide the little boy he has inside. In his photos. you can perceive the wonder he feels in front of a sunset, his constant amazement in observing a deer, as though it were always the first time. His longing to live leaves an impression on his images which everyone can perceive because it is there – clear and pure as he himself.

Nicola Barghi
Musician and Composer, Elfland