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Veronica Bernacchioni
Andrea Barghi Agent


It’s curious that the first meeting among Andrea and Veronica was happened by chance, originated from artistic needs: in fact, looking for images of animals and trees from which getting drawings and paintings on books about Nature, Veronica naturally chose the ones taken by Andrea, that struck her because living and involving and transmitted her vivid sensations. From that moment Veronica, become curious, gathered informations looking for news about the life and the works of the photographer until, during an exhibition of Andrea, he knew him personally. At first she was almost intimidated from the straightforward manners that bordered on surly, of this personage who seemed to be come out of the pages of a Tolkien book ( he is, among other things, one of the most loved authors by the photographer) and she could not grasp and share his positive energy, but, passing the time, get over the mental barriers, a very strong bond was born.
Almost as a game, Andrea proposed to Veronica , who was attending to the commercial part for some advertising agencies of Florence, a professional collaboration for the spreading of his images and the conduct of p.r. and contacts for him.
Even if many years have passed since that proposal, the enthusiasm is still alive, stoked from successes and projects realized involving prestigious subjects on an international level. And this “palpable” enthusiasm characterizes our productions. The subsequent choice is that to identify the entourage of persons that take a determining part in our projects with the name and the brand ELFLAND, that corresponds both literally and visually and graphically to our creative aims.